Tonawanda American Little League prides itself on teaching the fundamentals of baseball while providing a fun atmosphere for the entire family. TALL is located on Frances Dr. in the City of Tonawanda in zip code 14150, adjacent to Ives Pond Park. Partici

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2023 TALL Single A (5-6 yrs) House Rules


• Each game will consist of three (3) or four (4) innings.

• Every player present will bat each inning regardless of the number of put outs made.  However, if an out is made, the player must return to the dugout.

• Players will hit a pitch thrown overhand or underhand as deemed appropriate by the coach.  If a pitch is thrown and missed five (5) consecutive times, the player must hit off a tee.

• In the case of a ball hit to the outfield, there is no limit on the number of bases that can be taken by a batter, however the runner should stop advancing once the ball enters the infield.  Coaches are responsible for enforcing and not abusing the baserunning rules.  

• When playing defense, all players must be placed in an actual fielding positon (1B, 2B, SS, 3B, P, OF).  An emphasis should be made by the coaches on covering bases, playing positions, and attempting to make outs at all bases.

• Baserunners shall not advance on any overthrow.

• Players in the pitcher position must wear a helmet and be placed a reasonable distance away from the batter.


Coach Conduct - There is a Zero Tolerance Rule in effect.  Any manager or coach that behaves in a manner determined to be detrimental to the Little League value system that TALL adheres to will be removed from the current game and automatically suspended for one game, further actions could result as well. This serves as your formal warning.  Examples are listed below but are not all inclusive.

1. Swearing

2. Confrontation with other team personnel

3. Appearing under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Remember you are the example to your players on how adults should conduct

themselves not only in game situations but also in confrontation. Lead by example!!


Parent Conduct – Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the parents and fans.  If you have an issue and need assistance in addressing said person, please contact a board member and we will help.  This is to be a "fun and competitive" atmosphere, we all know it can get out of hand.  Our mission is to address it on the front end and avoid those situations.


The board of directors reserves the right to amend these rules at any point in the season. Also, any director present at a game may alter these rules for the benefit and/or safety of the players based on weather conditions, field conditions, delays, or any other exceptional circumstances.  This is to be a learning experience and a whole lot of fun for the kids! Winning should not be a priority.


If there are any questions pertaining to these or any other rules, please contact the Commissioner, League President, or other board member.


Thank you for volunteering your time to coach our young players!  The kids and the board of directors appreciate it!